Friday's story!

You know ... I would not like to have Ivo Sharktooth angry with me.

Wednesday's story!

Happy birthday, Cheyenne! (And stay away from that onion vodka!)

Monday's story!

Pirates! Blackmailers! Smugglers, brigands, and cutthroats! The pillars of the community!

Wednesday's story

The Court of Gears ... where people assault you just to be polite.

Monday's story!

More exposition ...

Shouldn't that be a briefcase in the second panel?
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[personal profile] jhameia2017-09-06 01:13 am

Today's comic!

That's right, go monologue at some hapless stranger.

Monday's story!

Dose guys vill drink ennyting! Dey're like college students!

Friday's story!

Could this be a clue to the mystery of the Black Watch Squad?

Monday's short story!

Considering the story genre, Ivo was lucky -- nobody accused him of committing the crime.

Monday's short story

I wonder which ones the cries of pain are coming from in the last panel.

Monday's Short Story!

I like the idea of a Raymond Chandler mystery story set in Agatha's world, although this P.I. -- excuse me, P.J. -- might turn out to be a slightly less conventional hero than Philip Marlowe was.
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Friday's Short Story!

What Agatha and Van need is someone with experience in doing good and helping people, some sort of Adventurer. Someone who can be discrete, someone who is a Gentleman....

Wednesday's short story!

*** IF *** this is canon, then it tells us that a third person will survive the saga!