May. 13th, 2017

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I noticed something tonight.

When the Castle is telling Gil about Robur, it says he destroyed the device, banished the 'angels', and had pie.

Van Rijn's book says that not all the beings were banished, and Robur turned the device over to the Corbettes; the visuals show the Dreen following them, along with Robur having pie. A hundred years later, Van Rijn found the remains of Robur's device, and started doing his own time stuff.

This could be a difference in narrative detail. But, given that time stuff is at play, I wonder if it's an actual divergence, somehow squashed into one: the Castle remembers a time when everything was tied up, but Van Rijn's on a timeline where he followed a loose end.

Dunno, just a speculation.

Either way, I figure Robur must have, after enough pie, thought "what if someone else invents this?" and enhanced the Castle to be resistant to time stops, despite his fears. And kept that hidden from Higgs. (And maybe added something to the Cathedral, too, those rituals to protect three dimensional space...)

Side question: how did Van Rijn freeze Andronicus in time for 200 years without attracting "angels"? Improved technique? Small scale? Deal with the Dreen?

Side note: the whole thing confirms that the Castle was an intelligent 'clank' long before the Muses. Just another part of "your cutting edge research was discovered by a Heterodyne centuries ago".


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