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Via the Sneaky Gate:

I think the "Ha!..." speech balloon in the first panel should be pointing to Violetta.

Although we all know Martellus is bad all the way through, I suspect we are going to see a lot more of him saying or doing things consistent with being a 'good' King.
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Via the Sneaky Gate:

And the main page is now up:

England is so going to be turned in a pile of wet tea leaves.
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Via Sneaky Gate:


I was wondering when he would show up!

Yes, we seem to be very near the end of the volume.

The Works

Jul. 15th, 2017 11:52 am
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 I was hoping just yesterday that the Foglios would update The Works card game and lo! They are! They've posted some sketches at their Facebook page!
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What is the Heart of the Muse, and who or what are those four looking at?
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snort That last panel. . .

I see Agatha is getting on her good side. Good. She needs allies.
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Whoa! Either Agatha has undergone a serious growth spurt, or Paris has perfected the Wonderbra!
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Does Terebithia know that Zola is one of the most powerful and dangerous people in Europa? Almost certainly yes.
Does she care? No. She's been doing this since before even Lucrezia was a baby...
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So, she offed all the others but left one? Any reason to save the last? I'm impressed by her level of control, she's clearly a worthy heir.
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It's still not clear to me which of the two uttered the word balloon in Monday's comic ... but that hardly matters now. We know who's in charge.
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